Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Snow Blast

Remember when you were young, the feeling you got when you woke up in the morning to a fresh white blanket of snow on the ground? Watching Walker brought back those memories for me and living in the N.W. I know that you will only get that "feeling" once or maybe twice a year. It is an un-written law that the second you wake up in Washington and there is snow on the ground, without brushing teeth, without breakfast, you must pass go-you cannot collect $200, you MUST get outside and play in it, or it will be too late.

We knew that the snow was coming because Oprah was interrupted due to a special report on “The February Snow Blast” and I heard the radio was referring to it as “Snowmageddon 2011”.
The news reports lived up to all the hype, at least in my 4 year olds mind. 

So where-ever you found yourself during the storm of February 2011, I hope you had a nice cup of warm coffee, a good book, and a snuggie to keep you warm-because that 38 degree snow storm can really send a chill through the bones.

Keep Smiling,


  1. I can't stop laughing!!! Holy crap, that is funnier than the husband who can't spell. If this was a you tube, it would be passed around all over facebook.. Thanks for making my night...

  2. I remember that excitement! Jeff says tell Barbara she should move back to New England and she can play in the snow for 3 months straight, it's not going anywhere.(No, he doesn't get it.)
    Great blog - Pat Aho

  3. Ain't that the truth? Shoot, I almost ran out and got snow tires! good laugh Barbara :-)

  4. Thanks for the laugh, Barbara!! My favorite is the picture of the snow/grass angel :)