Monday, March 7, 2011

The Tale of Mario and Bowser

 A few months back Walker decided to invest his allowance money in some frogs that were on sale at Hi- school pharmacy. He named them Mario and Bowser. As the weeks went by we realized Bowser was getting very large and Mario was shrinking. It was apparent that Mario was malnourished and needed his own tank because Bowser (being the evil hearted villain he is) was eating all of Mario's food.  
It has been a month since the separation and this morning Mario was "swimming funny", belly up for very long periods of time. Time was of the essence. Walker was informed that we needed to get Mario and Bowser back to their families in the river, where they could get girlfriends and have babies of their own.

I don't believe Hudson was fooled, he completely sensed the true sadness of the occasion, as we made the trek to the river.
Walker was happy for his frogs, hoping that they would find their parents before the day is through.

I believe that Mario is hanging with his parents right now...swimming in rivers of gold, in the little frog heaven in the sky. Bowser on the other hand is probably fulfilling all of his dreams of women and chillin with the princess frogs here on the East Fork of the Lewis River.

Keep Smiling,


  1. oh my goodness! the poor belly up Mario! thanks for documenting it and sharing!

  2. Lol love the ending of what Bowser is up to!