Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farmers Market

 I had an engagement shoot in downtown Vancouver on Saturday and afterwards got a chance to check out the Vancouver Farmers Market. My first time going (actually my first time going to any Farmers Market) and it did not disappoint! I am such a visual person ( I suppose that could be why I am a photographer) and nothing entices me to buy like a table full of gorgeous,green asparagus tied with bright blue bands, or bins of potatoes, lined up in patterns, begging to have their photo taken, and of course all the flower stands were a sight to behold to. I don't usually get this excited about veggies I promise ;). I bought some asparagus (picked yesterday) and stir fried it up for dinner. Let me tell you you could definitely taste the difference from the not so fresh grocery store bought kind.

Yum! The best gyro I've ever had! I'm not sure what the name of the stand was but it was the only one serving gyros so if you go next Saturday be sure to stop by....

My little sister Melea .

So if your looking for something to do on a Saturday head down to Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver. There's live music, tons of good food,  lots of fun stalls to browse and of course fresh, local veggies to buy.

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  1. Sharla,
    I always think the same thing when I am at the Markets, the colors, the displays, the people etc I love the vibrancy it makes me want to be a photographer... thanks for the experience I felt like I was rite there with you! Kathy