Thursday, December 1, 2011

Black Friday-Blue Morning

There are many lethal combinations in this world; gun powder and sparks, kielbasa and bananas, spring skiing without sunblock, and Darla and Barbara shopping together without adult supervision.

At 11:45 the night of Thanksgiving we headed out to see what a night of shopping would  hold in store for us, we had no plan just a huge stack of newspaper with tons of prospects.

At Toys R Us we found a slew of people with the right idea.

      By the time we hit up Fred Meyers at 5 am, I was more than willing to fall asleep in public with no shame.

The couches at Fred Meyer had never looked more comfortable.

 Sharlene joined us at 5 am, can't you tell that she had at least 5 hours of beauty sleep? The events that took place during our 8 am breakfast stop are foggy in my mind, I know we laughed a lot and we weren't making a lot of sense. I have confirmed that people over the age of 25 need sleep to function. The only thing that Darla and I could come up with to explain our behavior toward the end of the long night was "YouTubes David goes to the Dentist"

Keep Laughing,

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  1. haha thanx for the laugh! I love the list of random stuff you bought:)